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Premier Press reduces trash collection by over 30%!

Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Blog, Sustainability | Write a Comment

Many wonder what happens to all the material in a print shop. It wasn’t that long ago that people simply threw everything into the trashcan. It was easier and cheaper than separating all the various materials and paying someone to take it away.
Thankfully, those days are a part of the past. With the rising costs to have trash hauled away, and consequently the rising value of recycled materials, it makes much more sense to recycle. Not to mention the environmental aspects.

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Portrait of a Family Business

Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Blog, History | Write a Comment

“The difference between a doer and a dreamer is action! Do what it takes to make your dreams come to life!

Life in our family was about printing, lithography, and stripping challenges (traditional film imposition — a thing of the past). My parents’ dream was to operate their own business. 1974 was lift-off. Pep (Arnold) and Dee (Diane) borrowed $7000 from grandma and Pep Printing, the original name of the company, opened on a borrowed press in the back of a friend’s stationery store. Wheelsport, a motorcycle parts catalog, and JK Gill, a chain of stationery stores, were our first clients. Six months later, they leased space in NW Portland’s dilapidated warehouse district (now the upscale Pearl District). With the purchase of a Multi press and an Itek paper plate camera, we were in it for the long haul!

Catalogs were updated weekly and Wednesday nights were collating nights at our house. When full catalog updates came in, Mom, Dad, and all three of us kids spent whole weekends walking around lines of tables gathering pages. After a few years of collating, running a multi, and shooting film with a monster 20-foot-long process camera, I was having difficulty seeing the glamour of it all.

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