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We’re Growing! Large Format Equipment Expansion

Posted by on Apr 30, 2013 in Blog, Featured, Large Format, News | Write a Comment

–Latex Technology
–Ultimate Color
–Ultimate Green
–104-Inch Width
–Roll Fed…Fast 

Do you care if your color is spot-on whether it is a banner, floor graphic, window graphic or POP?

Are accurate gradients and sharp detail a concern?

Do you choose to be green?

Try our new LX65500 HP Latex Digital Printer. Green as it gets, the water-based ink boasts zero environmental impact. VOC-free process means we can all breathe a little easier. Up to 1200 DPI dot reproduction in six-color process translates into super rich ink color, accurate photo reproduction and consistent brand color. The Latex Technology is also odor-free, unlike other printer technology on the market. Roll-fed materials allow fast turn times. Faster. Bigger. Beautiful. Green.

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Don’t Lose a Prospect When They Get Hot

Posted by on Apr 26, 2013 in Blog, Integrated Media Marketing | Write a Comment

Update profile, not just unsubscribeI recently changed jobs and my primary work email address and needed to move many of my various newsletter subscriptions that were still relevant to my new email account. Simple enough, right?

Changing My Email Address

I went through dozens of recent email and every one of them had an unsubscribe or “change email Yourpreferences” link at the bottom of the form. It’s good to see CAN/SPAM compliance is alive and well.

Right away I saw this was turning into more work than I originally planned. It wasn’t going to be easy to change my email address for the newsletters I wanted to continue to receive. Here’s what I found:

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Email Marketing Overview

Posted by on Apr 4, 2013 in Blog, Connect, Featured, Integrated Media Marketing |

Email Marketing

It is likely that your competitors are using email marketing to build their relationship with existing customers and gain new customers. If you think you’re missing out because you’re not using email effectively as a tool to grow your business, and have no idea where to start, read on to learn some concepts to help determine how email can fit into your marketing plans.

Goals of an Email Marketing Program

As a for-profit business, you’d like to increase your company’s sales & profits. Keeping it simple, which I always like to do, to increase revenue we can either:

  1. Get more customers; or
  2. Sell more to existing customers

To see how email marketing helps achieve these goals, let’s first look at the various types of emails.

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Pantone+ CMYK Conversion Issue in CS6

Posted by on Apr 2, 2013 in Blog, Design Tips, File Prep, Printing Tips | Write a Comment

Pantone® and Adobe have made a fundamental change in the way color is defined in CS6, resulting in different – and unpredictable – CMYK builds if you start with the default spot colors and change them to process colors. The CS6 default Pantone+ spot colors are now defined as Lab values instead of CMYK builds. Pantone’s thinking is that the device-independent Lab color space is more consistent across a range of media – web to print, iPad to billboard, computer screen to silkscreen.

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