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Nike Graphic Studio Poster Show–Raising Funds for CHAPS

Posted by on May 29, 2013 in Blog, News | Write a Comment

Feed your soul with art and support children with serious health challenges. 50+ posters created and donated by designers from the Nike Graphic Studio on display at  Disjecta, June 15, 5pm-11pm.
Meet the artists, enjoy libations, and pick up a limited print or two—all for an amazing cause.
Proceeds of the show to benefit C.H.A.P. Children’s Healing Arts Project. “CHAP brings the healing power of art to children in crisis through a mobile team of teaching artists working in a partnership with hospitals, community organizations and schools.”

Artists volunteer to go to children at Doernbecher, Knight Cancer Institute, OHSU Pediatric Neurosurgery and Schnitzer Diabetes Center with art supplies and classes designed to explore the world of art. Children struggling with serious health challenges are given opportunity to express themselves creatively. Art is a positive outlet of personal expression. It enables children to be known by their creative ingenuity and personality rather than by a disease or diagnosis.

Premier Press is very excited to partner with Nike Graphic Studio to produce high-quality, limited edition prints to help raise money for CHAP. Come out to view the art, mix with the artists and enjoy a libation–all to raise funds for a noteworthy cause!

Saturday, June 15th
Disjecta 7pm-11pm
Families and Kids 5pm-7pm
8371 N. Interstate Ave, PDX
Please RSVP to let us know you are coming!



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Resolution Recommendations

Posted by on May 23, 2013 in Blog, File Prep, Large Format |

Since we offer such a wide variety of printing technologies customers aren’t always sure what is the correct file resolution for their project. There is no single answer, I always ask:

  • Describe the finished product.
  • How is it being printed?
  • What kind of art?”

The required resolution depends on the size of the final product is and how it will be viewed.

Both Photoshop and InDesign use PPI (pixels per inch) to describe image resolution. This is different than the resolution of a printer or other output device which is measured in DPI. “Effective PPI” in the InDesign links panel is the number you want to keep your eye on.

We have two very different mechanisms for laying down ink: digital and offset printing and large format inkjet printing. Inkjet output is a nearly continuous-tone compared to printing on an offset or digital press and that tends to push resolution requirements down.

Ideal resolution is based on viewing distance.


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Fulfillment 101

Posted by on May 16, 2013 in Blog, Print Management | Write a Comment



I overheard a comment from a customer the other day, something along the lines of “I need to understand this fulfillment stuff.” We sometimes take it for granted that customers know and understand how the range of services we provide can be utilized in their business, but frequently this isn’t the case.

What are fulfillment services?

First off, here are some definitions. If you get nothing else out of this article you’ll be able to speak the language.

  • Fulfillment: services provided by a company that offers to receive, store, package, and then ship an ordered item
  • Pick & Pack and Kitting: process of getting stored items and preparing them for shipping
  • Mailing: sending mail and small packages directly to individual consumers or companies
  • Logistics: the management of material flow from the point of origin to the point of consumption. This includes printing, warehousing, packaging, mailing and shipping.
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New Fujifilm Platesetter

Posted by on May 6, 2013 in Blog | Write a Comment

We’re always looking for better, faster, greener ways to grow. We’re excited to say that our new Fujifilm Platesetter fulfills all of these criteria.

Since we bought our last state-of-the-art platesetter, we have replaced presses, computers, inks, rips, proofers, and even a handful of our personnel (what can I say – we like it here!).

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Unisource + Xpedx Paper Company Merger

Posted by on May 3, 2013 in Blog |

Throughout the years our business partners have gone through major changes. This certainly holds true with paper companies. In the 70s, nearly a dozen paper suppliers knocked on our door weekly. Mergers and acquisitions reduced this number to just a few. And now on the horizon is another potential merger of two major paper houses, Unisource and Xpedx.

So, in a benevolent spirit of helpfulness for this propitious alliance, our creative team led by our long-time paper buyer, Chip, took it upon themselves to help Unisource and Xpedx with a new name and logo.

What do you think? Unisource + Xpedx =









A little history:
Carpenter Offset + Blake Moffit and Towne = Unisource
Kirk Paper + Western Paper + Zellerbach = Xpedx
G&G Paper + Frazer Paper + Barber Ellis = Spicer’s
Merchant Paper
WCP Solutions

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