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New! Raised Ink

Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Blog, News, Printing Tips | Write a Comment

Stunning Tactile Print Effect on our 7500S Indigo Digital Press

Raised Ink makes a tactile impression that stands out on marketing collateral, graphic design and any custom printed piece. Our new Raised Ink is a digital print technology that creates an effect similar to thermography with some very positive differences. The print quality is clear and clean without the powder residue of thermographic printing. Screen builds of any pms color can be printed. Color is not limited to a small pallet of standard ink colors commonly used in thermography. Moreover, the production process allows finer detail and specific placement of the raised areas—we can raise unique designated details within the printing and leave other areas flat creating an embossed look and feel. Create engaging contrast between flat and raised surface areas. Raised Ink is a cost-effective digital print solution giving both designers and marketers another tool to craft interesting collateral that achieves maximum response from a target audience.

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Sneak Preview the Waterfront Blues Festival Poster 2013

Posted by on Jun 26, 2013 in Blog, Featured | Write a Comment

PDX Rocks—or rather Portland sings the Blues! July 4, 5, 6 & 7, Portland’s own Waterfront Blues Festival is recognized as the nation’s greatest blues festival. In 2011 London based, Essentials Travel Magazine, listed the Waterfront Blues Festival in the top 10 outdoor festivals in the US. Outside Magazine also listed the festival in the top 10. Winner of Keeping the Blues Alive award from the International Blues Foundation. Voted by Oregon Festival & Event Assoc. best Oregon festival. Hot off the press is the 2013 Blues Festival Poster. Introduce artist, Gary Houston, Voodoo Catbox. Another Portland treasure. Gary has been hand-pulling multi-color silkscreen poster works of art since 1995 and creating Waterfront Blues Festival posters since 2001—some of them collectors items such as the 2008 “Ain’t No Peace in the Barnyard” and Robert Johnson Waterfront Blues Festival Posters 2001-2004.

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True White Ink

Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in Blog, Design Tips, Featured, File Prep, Fun Printing Facts, Printing Tips, Why Print? | Write a Comment

Indigo Digital Printing

White ink is here. Digital printing is rapidly morphing into a quality creative marketing avenue. No longer quick and dirty–expect high-quality reproduction, G7 certified color accuracy and utilize creative substrate and ink options. Short-run, highly targeted and personalized print pulls some of the best marketing returns of all communication channels. High-quality design and reproduction is imperative to get the full value—maximum response—out of marketing campaigns. Quality, not quantity, characterizes results-driven direct marketing programs.

Now add white to the
design palette.

Create and design an entirely unique sensory experience. Pick a paper rich in color and use white ink for a message. Try a white halftone on black paper. Use clear synthetic papers with a white message or a white panel under a photo for a translucent but clear message. White on metallic substrates makes for a strong and bold presence. Alternatively, go for a soft look on a pastel paper or light metallic colored paper. Print labels, invitations, direct mail, corporate marketing, point-of-purchase, greeting cards, postcards, business cards and more.  (Flag is printed 4CP on Environment Desert Storm)

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Print-Ready PDF/X-1A AND PDF/X-4 Files

Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Blog, Design Tips, File Prep | Write a Comment

PDF/X is a special sub-pdf standard that meets ISO standards. All details and specific information required for print production is embedded into the graphic file.  For instance, PDF/X-1A requires all fonts to be embedded and images to be designated as cmyk or spot colors. PDF/X-4 takes it a step further accepting calibrated rgb color and cielab colors, but the file must still meet the basic requirements of the standards of a  PDF/X-1A.

Why use the PDF/X format? Pros & Cons


Pro. Simple single file is now available to upload or email to the printer easily.
Con. If changes need to be made to the file, the file will have to be updated by the originator as the flattened file most likely will not be able to be corrected by the prepress department.

Save Time.

Pro. The file is ready to rip and therefore runs through the process very quickly saving prepress time.
Con. Any errors made in the design and production of the file may not be caught until after the project is printed, negating time and cost savings.

Quality Assurance.

Pro. The designer is specifying all the details in the PDF/X file. So print production is defined and no other person is entering that information. Information cannot be lost as all is included in the PDF/X.
Con. If a designer enters misinformation or omits information, it may not be caught until the project is printed/produced.


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