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Print Rocks 2013 Awards Best of Show Winner!

Posted by on Oct 15, 2013 in Award winning, Awards, Blog |


Print Rocks 2013!

The world of print holds this annual event. Like the Grammy awards, perhaps not quite as formal–I never did find a red carpet. This illustrious event is presented by PPI, Pacific Printing Industries Association, the Northwest’s Visual Communications Industries Association. Quite a mouthful there. All to say, Printing Association. Our NW Branch covers Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii. Printers from this region send in samples of their best work to be judged for this event. Winning print samples from this event are then sent to the International Program. Winners of the international judging receive a gold statue of Benjamin Franklin. Solid gold, dreaming here. The “Benny” award. Our industry’s version of an Oscar. Print is judged in many categories such as books, folders, promotional mailings, self-promotional pieces and multi-channel, according to production categories such as offset, digital, specialty screening, foil, emboss, die-cut, wide format / large format, etc.
Premier Press came home with a long list of awards. A big thank you to all the wonderful and creative clients we work with!

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PDX Bicycle Deliveries At Their Finest

Posted by on Oct 3, 2013 in Blog, Sustainability |

ericblogFor 20 years, Eric Spence has been maneuvering through Portland on his delivery bike, rain or shine, hail or snow (usually rain however). He claims he’s “never not been able to ride because of the weather,” saying that in the event of extreme weather, he switches to his bad-weather bike and may sport elbow pads in case of the rare occasion he falls.

Though never seriously injured, Spence joked recently about a head on collision with his favorite NW transient, “Pinky”, one of the many Portland characters he sees regularly on his route.

Although it varies, Eric Spence says he completes around 16 deliveries in a day. On average, a delivery takes him about 30 minutes. He travels from Premier Press as far as the East Side or St Helens, and as close as NW and downtown.

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