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Print Design Needs Bleed

Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 in Blog, Design Tips |

design_across_spreadFiles without proper bleed is a common problem we see when preparing art for print. Bleed is the part of the art that extends beyond the trim edge of the final printed piece. Since there ares slight variations in the printing and trimming processes, if the artwork ends right at the trimmed edge it’s too easy to be off by a hair on the cutter and leave a glowing sliver of white paper visible. To keep this from happening it is important that your art extends beyond the location of the trimmed edge.

Ask your printer how much bleed is appropriate for a specific job. For offset jobs an eighth of an inch is necessary; for wide-format jobs on big inkjets as much as half an inch of bleed might be required. While most graphic designers include bleed when they are working on a job, if the settings aren’t correct, that bleed can disappear before the job leaves your studio.

Fortunately, design tools have ways to help us get it right.

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Responsive Web Design for Mobile

Posted by on Nov 11, 2013 in Blog, Connect, Integrated Media Marketing |

“Mobile first” and more recently “Multi-screen” are hot topics for marketers these days. People – your customers and prospects – are not constrained to their computer when answering your emails, reading your blog, and researching competitive information. They bounce between their laptop or desktop computer and mobile phone throughout the day.

57% adults now own a smart phone. Mobile traffic share on our own web site has increased over 38% in the last year. This table shows the percentage of people that use their smart phones for tasks they used to have to do on their computer.

Cell Phone Activities 2013 | Pew Research Center

Not too long ago you either had to build a separate mobile version or versions of your web site or have your site visitors suffer through a mediocre or worse experience. With the wide variety of smart phone screen sizes and users’ preferences of viewing web sites in a portrait or landscape orientation, it is impossible to optimize your web site for all combinations.

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