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Appetizers, Drinks, and Awareness

Posted by on Aug 8, 2014 in Blog, Large Format, News, Sustainability |

Wieden and Kennedy opened up their doors to the Pearl for August’s First Thursday to display Portland Design Museum’s exhibit of Green Patriot Posters.  Graphic and striking visual reminders of the precarious position global warming presents, the Green Patriot Posters were commissioned to bring environmental awareness, educate and invoke response from the public. The creative work from 50 designers is displayed in the W&K gallery. Each poster is a thought provoking and creatively designed message shedding light on a dirty situation.

The Green Patriot Posters were printed sustainably at Premier Press using VOC-free UV ink, 100% wind powered and carbon free footprint. The art is directly printed onto Eco board, a substrate which is 98-100% post-consumer recycled material. No plastic laminate was used. It is 100% recyclable. Equipment and process along with materials is critical in the #sustainableprint equation. Premier Press is certified green by SGP, Sustainable Green Printing Partnership. This certification requires ongoing third party audits and continuous improvement in sustainability through manufacturing best practices, social responsibility and public education to reduce environmental impact.

The evening was entertaining as well as enlightening. Drinks were served alongside amazing appetizers provided by Devil’s Food Catering. It was an evening of meeting and talking to people who care about the environment, enjoy great graphic design and were affected by the ecological messages communicated through art…and were in good Portland form, fun to hang with.  The exhibit is running now until September 26th.  Stop by. Check it out.  Share what you see…Make the difference.


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Great Design to Combat Climate Change

Posted by on Aug 7, 2014 in Blog, History, Large Format, Sustainability |

The Green Patriot Poster Wieden + Kennedy

The Green Patriot Poster Exhibition

The Green Patriot Poster exhibition opens August 8, 2014 at Wieden & Kennedy. The exhibition displays beautifully designed posters created to raise awareness and support the battle against global climate change.

In support of this green initiative, Premier Press reproduced the artwork using sustainable UV voc free print direct-to- board, a recycled/recyclable material.


The posters’ environmental messages were inspired by the iconic style of WWII propaganda posters created by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration.  The government agency alleviated unemployment by hiring 8.5 million craftsmen for public works projects with the motto, “Give a man a dole, and you save his body and destroy his spirit. Give him a job and you save both body and spirit.”

In the same spirit, the Green Patriot Poster project communicates the call to make behavioral changes to help save our environment through graphics. The Design Museum Portland stages public exhibitions, events and programs to show the “who, why and how” behind great design and innovative thinking that is part of our everyday lives. Spotlight on how great design incorporated into our environment enhances our everyday lives socially, economically and environmentally.

Come by Wieden & Kennedy, 224 NW 13th Avenue, Portland, Oregon to see this incredible display—and be inspired!

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Creating a Forty Foot Photograph

Posted by on Sep 5, 2013 in Blog, Large Format |

Have you ever seen a 40 foot wide sharp photograph with over ¼ billion pixels?

Premier Press printed a 40 foot long high resolution photograph of the World Record Float event that took place earlier this summer, where 620 people formed the longest human floating chain ever. We displayed the banner at the Big Float event at Portland’s Waterfront Park in July. Printed on our new HP Latex LX65500 large format digital printer, we used a 6 color process to create a rich and accurate photo reproduction.

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Selecting Window Display Materials

Posted by on Aug 29, 2013 in Blog, Design Tips, Large Format |

nike window display


What goes in to the creation of a functional and aesthetic window display?

Many people assume that it’s a simple as sticking a poster on to a window, however there are several important factors beyond simply knowing the dimensions of the space and performing site surveys.

Geographical parameters determine outside and inside application, installation in particularly hot or cool climates, and life span of the material.

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The Big Float—don’t miss it

Posted by on Jul 25, 2013 in Blog, Featured, Large Format, News, Sustainability |

Check it out—truly PDX—The Big float is an event that celebrates the improved water quality of the Willamette River. It is one more great summer event on the Portland waterfront. You can drift to bands playing from a floating barge with handcrafted beers pouring. What could be more magical? While at it, check out our 40-foot Banner of a high res image shot by GigaPan of PDX winning world float record. Yes, Portland floats.

This event will be a blast whether listening to music while river floating in the Willamette next to Waterfront Park, or if you prefer to keep dry, watching and partaking in a beer or two from the shore. The float starts at noon, the bands at 12:15. Registration starts at 9AM or register online.

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Resolution Recommendations

Posted by on May 23, 2013 in Blog, File Prep, Large Format |

Since we offer such a wide variety of printing technologies customers aren’t always sure what is the correct file resolution for their project. There is no single answer, I always ask:

  • Describe the finished product.
  • How is it being printed?
  • What kind of art?”

The required resolution depends on the size of the final product is and how it will be viewed.

Both Photoshop and InDesign use PPI (pixels per inch) to describe image resolution. This is different than the resolution of a printer or other output device which is measured in DPI. “Effective PPI” in the InDesign links panel is the number you want to keep your eye on.

We have two very different mechanisms for laying down ink: digital and offset printing and large format inkjet printing. Inkjet output is a nearly continuous-tone compared to printing on an offset or digital press and that tends to push resolution requirements down.

Ideal resolution is based on viewing distance.


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We’re Growing! Large Format Equipment Expansion

Posted by on Apr 30, 2013 in Blog, Featured, Large Format, News |

–Latex Technology
–Ultimate Color
–Ultimate Green
–104-Inch Width
–Roll Fed…Fast 

Do you care if your color is spot-on whether it is a banner, floor graphic, window graphic or POP?

Are accurate gradients and sharp detail a concern?

Do you choose to be green?

Try our new LX65500 HP Latex Digital Printer. Green as it gets, the water-based ink boasts zero environmental impact. VOC-free process means we can all breathe a little easier. Up to 1200 DPI dot reproduction in six-color process translates into super rich ink color, accurate photo reproduction and consistent brand color. The Latex Technology is also odor-free, unlike other printer technology on the market. Roll-fed materials allow fast turn times. Faster. Bigger. Beautiful. Green.

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