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Throughout the years our business partners have gone through major changes. This certainly holds true with paper companies. In the 70s, nearly a dozen paper suppliers knocked on our door weekly. Mergers and acquisitions reduced this number to just a few. And now on the horizon is another potential merger of two major paper houses, Unisource and Xpedx.

So, in a benevolent spirit of helpfulness for this propitious alliance, our creative team led by our long-time paper buyer, Chip, took it upon themselves to help Unisource and Xpedx with a new name and logo.

What do you think? Unisource + Xpedx =









A little history:
Carpenter Offset + Blake Moffit and Towne = Unisource
Kirk Paper + Western Paper + Zellerbach = Xpedx
G&G Paper + Frazer Paper + Barber Ellis = Spicer’s
Merchant Paper
WCP Solutions