Offset Printing

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Offset Printing

Offset printing that brings your brand to life. Award-winning marketing pieces, business collateral, art reproductions, posters, and other fine materials start with three things: planning, great design, and execution. Our team of experts have decades of experience and are known to produce offset printing products that are ideal for premium brands.

You can rely on Premier Press when you need to create offset printing collateral that represents your premium brand. We are known for our expertise in pushing the limits of UV printing and specialty coatings. Color accuracy is critical to your brand so we use the highest G7 color standards. We are serious about printing consistently across every printing process and substrate.

Masters of the Art of Print

Premier Press reproduces your imagery and lettering in vivid detail using the latest in offset equipment and technology. We provide modern efficiency and precision while preserving the craft in this traditional printing method.

We take pride in managing your offset print jobs with the utmost professionalism. We are committed to giving you a world-class experience, every time. We do it all, and we stand behind our work because we control the quality and the time frame for every job.

When you bring us your project, you can trust our team to get your job done quickly and correctly.

UV Inks Provide Intense Color Reproduction

Showcase bright, beautiful color with sharpness, clarity, and intensity. UV inks have a phenomenal ink hold-out for crisp presentation and produce output-zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for environmental friendly offset printing. Environmentally sensitive inks coupled with special blanket-wash technology decrease wash-up VOCs by another 95%. 


Choosing the right coating for your printed materials are an important step in production. Coatings can make an enormous difference for your offset print job by providing the visual effects, textures, and degrees of protection that best suit your project. Premier can help you enhance your result and make your brand stand out with the following coatings and techniques:


Highlight photos, patterns, or logos for dramatic effect. Diamondkote UV, or aqueous-based coating, gives high contrast gloss or dull effects.

Soft Touch

Soft touch coating gives a velour finish which can be used with or without a spot gloss varnish. Soft touch is more durable than velour or dull coated papers as it is bruise and scratch resistant.


Emphasize texture in a design or pattern or enhance certain photographic effects. Texturekote amplifies raised features and can be used with a spot gloss varnish.


Captivate your audience with hints of metallic or color in an iridescent coating. Iriodin adds sparkle or flash color that changes as the piece moves in light.

Liquid Gold & Silver

Liquid gold and silver coatings give a denser more metallic finish than gold and silver inks, creating a special effect that get’s noticed.

Stochastic Screen

Fuji “taffeta” stochastic screening produces rich, vibrant color, realistic flesh tones, and smooth, flat tints and gradients. Taffeta places dots randomly, reducing moiré screening patterns.

Printing and Finishing Solutions

Premier complements its offset printing capabilities with complete designproject managementwide format printingdigital printingbinderymailing, and fulfillment solutions. We are serious about protecting the environment. Our printing certifications include:

  • G7 Master Printer Certification
  • FSC Certification
  • SGP Certification

Digital Printing

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Digital Printing

Digital printing with Premier Press makes creating on-demand, one-to-one advertising pieces easy, fast, and affordable. In a world of fast-paced business demands, brands frequently need to send personalized promotional materials directly to the mailboxes of their prospects and customers. Premier’s digital printing capabilities offer great flexibility and value while still maintaining the highest quality and color standards. This is a great option to save time and money, particularly when you have a small-volume project.

Use Data To Personalize Your Message

When you tailor your materials to the specific needs of individual customers and leads, you’re more likely to get a higher response rate and level of customer engagement. Premier’s team of data experts can help you leverage existing data in your CRM or marketing automation system to produce highly-effective, targeted direct-mail messages.

Reduce Waste, Save Money, Save Storage Space

Premier’s digital printing options use economical short-runs to enhance your ability to manage costs and reduce waste. With this method, you print only as much as your brand currently requires ― and we’ll keep your creative assets on file for later on-demand printing. This allows you to update your collateral as often as needed without having to worry about large amounts of outdated inventory, or paying to store multiple versions of your stock. Couple this with our convenient online ordering system, and you’re in full control of your marketing material production around the clock, every day of the year.

Sheet Size Matters

Embracing our innovative spirit, Premier is excited to bring the next chapter of digital printing technology to the western United States with the Komori IS29 digital inkjet press. This new technology provides a larger format to produce premium marketing materials with the flexibility of short run, targeted marketing. Premier Press now has both digital offset printing presses and inkjet printing, providing you the best technology to match your marketing needs. 

Retail and POP executions become easier than ever with the flexibility of printing on all paper, plastic, and magnetic receptive medias. Four new sheet sizes, UV Inks, and 24 pt. capabilities make the IS29 an optimal solution.

Large Format Printing

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Large Format Printing

Bring us your problems, dreams, ideas and we will help create innovative solutions that cover any size of surface. Our wide format printing services craft innovative corporate environments and powerful in-store visuals. We understand your retail graphics needs. Whether you require merchandising graphics for a small boutique or for a chain of big stores, we’ll collaborate with you to produce on-site promotions, floor displays, posters and signage that showcases your products.

Differentiate your brand with images on unusual substrates or at an unusual scale. We’re not fazed by a challenge. We thrive when asked to do the undoable. If a project involves an impossible turnaround, zero time for design, or materials for multiple store locations, we jump into motion.

Complete Printing and Finishing Solutions

Let us turn your environmental graphics and retail campaigns into success stories. When you need bold, beautiful imagery and wide format capabilities, come to Premier Press for:

  • Printing on a Variety of Surfaces
  • Grommeting
  • Lamination and Mounting
  • Roll and Rigid Substrates
  • Seam Welding
  • UV Ink
  • White Ink
  • Poster Printing

Visual Solutions for Premium Brands

Premier routinely partners with some of the most prominent names in retail, including:

Print on a Wide Variety of Substrates

Do you have an idea for a project but are concerned that the material is too unconventional? No worries. Here are just some of the surfaces we print on:

  • Aluminum
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Doors
  • Dry Erase Boards
  • Fabric
  • Glass
  • Magnetic Materials
  • Metal
  • Metallic Papers
  • Mirrors
  • Pegboard
  • Plastics
  • Vinyl


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Premier Press offers a wide range of post-printing services to make your project unique. Transform the size, shape, and texture of your pieces to make it aesthetically pleasing, tactile, and highly functional for your business or creative goals. Premier Press has the answers and the diligence to finalize your project vision with attention to detail.


Whether your items call for contoured edges, perforations, windows, flaps, holes, intricate patterns — or any other shape your imagination can conjure up — our expertise and equipment will get the job done exactly as you specify. We do it all under one roof so we control schedule and craftsmanship.


Premier Press ensures that your multi-page project is bound together correctly and securely. Our experienced bindery team offers in-house finishing solutions to guarantee schedule, ensure quality, and maintain full control of a project.

Premier’s advanced equipment and technology, complemented by our skilled technical staff, make an unbeatable combination. We have the people and the equipment to get your job done right and on time.


Use the art of letterpress work to create a visual and tactile experience. With a multitude of colors, finishes, and textures, we can help you fashion a high-impact project.

When you need specialty die-cuts, pocket folders, shaped pieces, or accurate round-cornering, our letterpress department has the answers.

We offer a wide range of service options to make your printing job unique, including:

  • Book Binding For Short Runs or Specialty Projects
  • Debossing
  • Die-Cutting
  • Embossing
  • Foil Stamping
  • Folding
  • Imprinting
  • Plasticoil
  • Round Cornering
  • Saddlestitching
  • Wire-O