A Prime Video Countdown to 2023

When Prime Video decided to celebrate its upcoming season with a knockout December promotion, no sooner did the concept of an advent calendar emerge than plans for its design and execution were put into play. Premier Press loved the concept. What could be more appropriate? For every day of December, a small tribute to a

LOL Surprise! Rocking the Runway for Netflix

When MGA Entertainment introduced LOL Surprise! dolls and playsets to the K-through-middle school set in 2016, they kicked traditional marketing methods to the curb, opting to approach a bevy of well-selected social media influencers to create brand excitement. It worked. LOLs–Lil Outrageous Littles soon became a hot marketing phenomenon, winning the hearts and imaginations of


Whimsical, quirky, always playful–modern with a retro-girly twist. The brand personality of San Francisco-based Benefit Cosmetics may be lighthearted but they are very serious about the caliber of their products. Ready to launch four distinctively different mascara formulas in a highly competitive field, Benefit asked Premier to create a special promotion to get VIPs and

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