Nike Vapor

Challenge Build showcase packaging to hold two pair of Nike Vapor special edition shoes for their high level launch during Super Bowl Week. Solution Engineering a unique box that holds two pair of shoes, splits in half and opens to reveal campaign slogan. The slick metallic silver and gold foiled box with contrasting black carbon


Challenge Create a collectors version of retail packaging for a cell phone. Solution An acrylic shadow box with unique graphics doubling as an in-store display. Reusable, intriguing and durable. UV inks provide ultimate color brilliancy + product color match. White ink on clear acrylic added shine and brilliance. Results Overwhelming response with quick sell out

St. Germain Liqueur

Challenge Introducing old-world decadence to the New World, St. Germaine, the first liqueur in the world created in the artisanal French manner. Solution Let’s Party! Inspired by the debauchery of the roaring twenties, Sandstrom Design wove the shamelessly lascivious carousal scenes into ingenious party packs for modern marketing revelry. Party hats that required us to

Tillamook Baby Loaf Promo

Challenge Want to be noticed? Transform a VW Bus into a Tillamook Cheese Baby loaf—and take it on tour! But you need the media to create a stir. So, create a press kit that gets attention. Solution Engineer a pocket folder that unfolds to contain an actual Tillamook Baby Loaf of cheese! Include bus beauty

Nike Football

Challenge Invitation package for The Opening presented by Nike Football, inviting 150 select high-school athletes to four days of dynamic training, coaching and competition. Solution Tactile marketing brochure coated with Premier’s Soft Touch formula and metallic gold inks. Custom gift box engineered with black foam bed and die cut to hold each special promotional item.

NIKE+ Education Toolkit

Challenge The Nike+ team asked us to help them create a global toolkit to illustrate the new technology going into the Nike+ enabled shoes. Solution An Octagon kit. The unfolding design allowed plenty of storage for Ipad covers, t-shirts, lanyards, and posters.  Handles make the kit easy to carry. The sales team introduced the new

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