Turkey Traders

Pavo, Peace Eagle, Guinea Fowl, the turkey, Genus Meleagris, a colorful bird with a colorful history. In the 1540’s merchants who brought birds, the Guinea Fowl, from Madagascar through the country of Turkey, earned the nickname of Turkey Traders (after the country). The nickname migrated to the bird which people began to call Turkey Fowl. When american settlers saw their first true turkeys, a native North American bird that resembled the Guinea Fowl, they dubbed it Turkey Fowl, after it’s look-alike. In great American fashion, the bird’s name was shortened to Turkey. Native Americans called the bird the Peace Eagle along with peru, firkee, tuka, and other names, since tribes had their own language. It also confusing south of the border. Mexico has over 30 names for the avian, Pavo, Guajolote, Totole, and more.  On this note, watch in your mail for our Peace Eagle mailing. Check out our new website, sign up for our Thanksgiving contest and have a wonderful holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

The story behind Peace Turkey Native American Legends: Turkey, the Peace Eagle

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