Employee Access Information

You can access our network by a variety of ways. Use the links below to setup your connection. If you need help with setup please contact Shawn or Ken.

Exchange Outlook: owa.premierpress.com/owa

Paylocity: access.paylocity.com

The Paylocity website needs the Company id:      41514

Sharepoint: sharepoint.premierpress.com


VMware View client setup on Windows or Mac:

Go to web browser, then type vdi.premierpress.com

Blast: no client install needed useful for when you can’t install the client. Choose the HTML Access on the right.


Client Install
click “Install vmware Horizion client” on the left

Step 2:

Select the Version that matches you computers Operating system, For most probably 32-bit

 Step 3: 

Click save file

Step 4:

Go to the location that you downloaded the file and run the setup. Default settings are fine.

Step 5:
Type vdi.premierpress.com into the connection box. Then hit connect.

Step 6:
ENTER your Premier Press User and Password, enter premierpress as domain, then click login










Step 7:
Click on your VM name then connect, at this time it will connect to your desktop.