Lay’s Potato Vodka Packaging

Lay’s®. A beloved American brand and the undeniable salty snack category leader. When you think of Lay’s you immediately think of potatoes and potato chips; it’s as simple as that. But that is also about as far as consumers’ minds go when thinking about the brand.

Potato chips … What do you do with an iconic 75-year-old chip brand that has made every potato chip form and flavor you could imagine during a time when everyone would rather not talk about chips? Well, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But Lay’s has potatoes, so they made the world’s first Lay’s Potato Vodka!

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Lay’s Vodka was created in collaboration between the Lay’s Brand and Portland-based Eastside Distilling. This limited-edition vodka was made from a blend of vodka made from proprietary Lay’s potatoes and Portland Potato vodka, distilled 4x for a crisp, clean finish.

Unexpecting packaging for an unexpected product

To accompany an already surprising and innovative product, Eastside Distilling and the Lay’s brand and PepsiCo Design teams recruited Premier Press to create an equally exciting and appealing packaging concept that fans would be eager to unbox, all within an incredibly quick turn time.

We knew we wanted to create something that matched Lay’s iconic brand but also knew we were restricted to the materials we had in-house in order to meet the quick turnaround.

It was decided to go with an octagonal packaging design for structure and stability that was crafted from an in-house supply of double-thick black stock that was then die cut.

The iconic and bright Lay’s yellow was hard to match on black stock so we layered multiple hits of opaque white ink and then used special mixed PMS ink to match brand standard colors. Then a final pass of embossing was done to bring out the logo and embellishments.

Finished in time, the packaging was then sent flat to Eastside Distilling where they bottled, labeled, assembled, and shipped the product in the box out to distributer and retailer for purchase by consumers.

Not only was this amazing vodka then featured in People Magazine’s; “5 Things We’re Talking About,” but one more thing! We have to let you know that available online only, this limited-edition vodka sold out in just over 2 hours. But you can still enjoy the Lay’s chips you know and love and explore more of Eastside Distilling’s spirits.

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