NYX Dollhouse

You know those people who say that Halloween is their favorite holiday? They tend to be especially imaginative, and they go all-out to take your breath away. Among them is NYX Cosmetics. They launched a new line of face and body illusion makeup, with instructions for influencers to create some of the most Halloween-worthy doll faces you ever saw. And Premier Press built a house for them to haunt.  

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The house is like a large, two-sided advent calendar. The front door opens to reveal an introductory message and a description of the cosmetic products that are included in the kit. On the back, each of five doors shows a different 3-D makeup illusion – each one more chilling than the last. And inside each of those doors is the set of products needed to create the look, complete with instructions to duplicate their amazing artistry.  

We were haunted (but only briefly) by a couple of challenges: finding materials that would be the blackest of black, and making the doors re-closeable and still lie flat.  

With 18 different products to house, we used layers of ½-inch black board, wrapped with 18-point C2S white stock that would hold the blackest ink, and die cut to match the 3-D shape of the structure. For the door closures, we used Velcro dots. The outside wrap of the whole piece was scuff-free laminated to give it an extra spooky aesthetic look.  

At Premier, we love Halloween as much as NYX does. Trick or treat? No contest. It was a treat to work with them.  

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