Red Bull 2019 winter edition kit

“Plum Twist.” Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? It was Red Bull’s special edition energy drink for the winter of 2019. They asked Premier Press to make it look as special as it tasted, with a “turnkey tool for the Red Bull brand and sales team to leverage.” We created a holiday gift package with a dramatic reveal.

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The box is dressed up like a Christmas present, with snowy white paper and a printed foil bow. And like every good gift, what’s inside is a wonderful surprise. When you lift the outer box, the sides of the inner box fall open and the Red Bull can is illuminated from below with a LED light.  

A magnet mechanism activates the light when the box opens, and turns it off when the box is closed. Impressive to be sure, but that wasn’t the only technical issue we had to solve.   

We also had to match the unique plum color and metallic look for the sides of the inner box.  Our solution was to create a custom color, printed with a four-color process on top of a silver laminate paper.

In order not to reveal the metallic plum color until the box was opened, we covered the box with an opaque soft-touch 95-pound Plike white text paper. And the metallic bow is dye-cut, foil-stamped, and added onto the white paper.

Thanks to Red Bull for this tasty project!

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