Red Bull Anthony Davis Kit

Red Bull gives you wings once again as they team up with New Orleans Pelicans Anthony Davis to create another epic influencer marketing kit.

Davis has made a career for himself with his signature eyebrows, massive wing span and his knack for making trick shots.

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Premier Press was brought in to help with this project as they are looking to create buzz for a special contest. Red Bull is sponsoring a contest where a lucky fan with the best trick shot post on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #beatthebrow, goes courtside with Davis.

The latest influencer kit from Red bull is a 10” acrylic basketball that hinges open at the center. The custom paint job of silver and blue,  that of a Red Bull original flavor can. The final feature on the outside is a Red Bull medallion at the center. Once opened, the acrylic basketball exposes a cavity faced with a blue faux felt with a repeating debossed Pelicans Fleur de lis, inspired by the Pelicans.

A video screen is also embedded into the upper half of the basketball showing off Davis’ best trick shots. Finally, the bottom half of the basketball will contain a custom Anthony Davis Red Bull can, an adhesive faux unibrow, a pair of Nike Elite basketball socks and a card providing details about the contest.  Watch as Davis explores the silver and blue basketball influencer kit in this video on Instagram:

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