Smith Optics Seeding Kit

The new 4D Mag snow goggles from Smith Optics afford a visual experience unlike any other. So Premier Press worked with SMITH to design and produce a presentation kit that displayed them in all their eye-popping glory.

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Athletes, influencers, and the media are inundated with promotional products every day. We wanted to grab their attention, and signal that they were about to see the world in a new way. Smith’s 4D Mag snow goggles amplify detail, enhance natural color, and increase field of view 25% over their previous models. And the way they look, you can almost feel the adrenaline when you open the box.

Premier designed and produced the seeding kit, inspired by the clean, sleek, functional aesthetic of the product. It’s a rigid black matte box with magnetic closures that opens to reveal the glossy red mirror goggles, set in foam, along with a video on a USB stick. The foam is tastefully covered with a sheet of black acrylic, die-cut and printed with the Smith logo. The inside of the box lid is also printed, with dynamic photos and compelling product information.

To Smith, experience is everything. We agree. Thanks, Smith, for sharing your vision with us.

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