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TEDx Portland is not just a conference; it’s an experience. And thanks to their collaboration with Premier Press, it’s an experience that people can take with them, share, and revisit whenever they like.

TEDx 9th Edition Book – ReImagine
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All over the world, ten times a day, people attend TEDx talks, where they receive printed programs that they often throw away along with much of their memory of the event.

In Portland, it’s different. Here, they get a collector’s item: a hardbound, one-hundred-plus page keepsake, conceived by TEDx curator David Rae and his staff, designed by Enjoy the Weather, and printed by Premier Press.

This year marks the sixth annual book, and as always, our goal is to make it not only beautiful, but also thought-provoking, memory-evoking, and even useful. It includes spectacular photography; premium papers, inks, and bindings; updates on past years’ speakers; ample space for notes and autographs; and a perforated blank postcard, on which attendees can write a letter to their future selves, drop it off as they leave the event, and receive it in the mail next year.

It’s a labor of love and pride for all of us involved.

Ideas worth spreading. Books worth keeping.

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