Benny Who?

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Pacific Printing Industries, PPI, collects the beautifully printed pieces produced in the Pacific Northwest each year. Judges then review the quality and process of each piece. They choose the best in quality for several different categories. Those that win the local Print Rocks contest, go on to an international contest, the Premier Awards, presented by PIA, Print Industries of America. The best of the best are judged. A “Benny” is the print industry’s version of an Oscar award.

Benny fondly refers to Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790, one of the guys involved with drafting the Declaration of Independence. He owned a Philadelphia Print shop and he produced a newspaper, books, almanacs, and flyers. His most lucrative client was the government. Benjamin Franklin was instrumental in stressing the importance of paper currency–which he later printed.

We are not printing currency, but we are producing some beautiful pieces. The art of print is what I love. Which made it very exciting to be recognized out of several thousand entries from around the world, by the PIA Print Industries of America.

We score a Benny! A first place award was presented to Premier Press for Nike’s, Ever Higher, in the art book category. Produced by Nike North America Brand and designed by Jason Herkert and team, it is a beautifully designed and intriguing piece.

Best in Show, Runner Up Award ! Premier received this recognition for the printing quality and production precision of this piece. Great day in River City!


We are closed today due to unsafe road conditions.