Creating a Forty Foot Photograph


Have you ever seen a 40 foot wide sharp photograph with over ¼ billion pixels?

Premier Press printed a 40 foot long high resolution photograph of the World Record Float event that took place earlier this summer, where 620 people formed the longest human floating chain ever. We displayed the banner at the Big Float event at Portland’s Waterfront Park in July. Printed on our new HP Latex LX65500 large format digital printer, we used a 6 color process to create a rich and accurate photo reproduction.

close up big float

The banner was created to celebrate the World Record Float and to promote the Human Access Project, a Portland, Oregon organization that promotes recreational use of the Willamette River. The banner allowed the 620 big float participants and bystanders in the crowd to find themselves in the forty foot photograph.

Creating a 40 Foot Photograph

Technology from GigaPan overcomes normal photographic limitations to create extremely high resolution photographs. These images can be printed as huge photographs with incredible clarity, literally allowing you to pick a face out of a crowd. GigaPan technology allows photographers to shoot and combine hundreds of photographs into a single HD image.

According to Susan Thesing, GigaPan’s VP of Business Development and Marketing:

“I was thrilled to find myself in the photograph. Seeing this much detail in a 40 foot long photo shows just how sharp GigaPan images can be, and Premier Press’ wide format printing capabilities did a remarkable job bringing this image to life.”

Most of the large banners we print are viewed from several feet or more away. As we wrote earlier in a resolution recommendations blog post, when viewed from a distance images in the banner do not have to be high resolution, they can be printed as low as 50 PPI (pixels per inch) or even less. But when the application demands details that look clear close up, technology from GigaPan and Premier Press can create a memorable visual impact.

Contact us or your sales rep to learn how to create a large high resolution graphics or learn more about our large format capabilities.

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