Digimarc Digital Codes as Signal Rich Art

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Digimarc works with retailers and consumer packaged goods companies—including New Seasons Market—to transform product packaging and print pieces into connected media that can be scanned by phones and retail barcode scanners.

Yet Digimarc wanted to share a new vision and inspire the design community with future possibilities. The design concept is Signal Rich™ art and they turned to Premier Press to help make a splash at the biggest design gathering on the planet, Adobe MAX in Los Angeles, and hold the first-ever exhibition of Signal Rich art.

With Signal Rich art (not yet commercially available), the code is inherent in the design. The artwork contains a number of codes repeated throughout the artwork. In essence, the code is the art.

Digimarc Signal Rich Art Code

Digimarc needed the art to cover eight large booth panels. Premier used its HP Latex 3000 large-format printer to print eight separate versions of the artwork. The 10 ft. x 8 ft. artwork was printed and shipped to Los Angeles where professional installers applied it to the panels at Adobe MAX.

Digimarc’s event marketing team was busy preparing for the show, and appreciated how Premier Press was able to complete the project in just a week and a half from start-to-finish (including proofing time).

Digimarc Barcode

digimarc rich art StippleSRA

Along with pioneering Signal Rich art, Digimarc offers Digimarc Barcode, an imperceptible barcode for commercial print and product packaging. Consumers can scan a poster or a box of cereal to get coupons, prizes or additional product information. Unlike a QR code or UPC barcode, Digimarc Barcode is a part of the art file. Companies like Campbell’s, Barilla and Golf Magazine use Digimarc technology to link consumers from print to digital experiences.

We see Digimarc Barcode offering cutting-edge technology at a great value. For example, we can add the code to virtually any marketing asset, and integrate with our online portal to easily initiate a reorder by scanning the asset using a phone or other mobile device. Retail customers could reorder in-store graphics; field sales reps could reorder sales collateral. Talk to your Premier sales rep for more ideas.

To find out more about Digimarc’s technology, and get your first Digimarc Barcode for free, contact Digimarc’s Paul Vorvick at Paul.Vorvick@digimarc.com.

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