Giving the Gift of Custom Apparel

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Premier Press decided to do something a little out of the box with our 2021 holiday gift. We decided to embrace a year of change and highlight our new custom apparel design and manufacturing services. 

Our team worked to concept, design, and source a hat, that we then distributed to team members and clients as a holiday promotion. 

From the first moment, the conversation was about quality and utility. It was important that what we gave as a seasonal gift was also something we are proud to claim as our design. 

With a vision in mind, we considered design details to be passed to our supplier. Design basics such as color, style, and fabric were quickly defined. But for custom apparel design also needs granular information such as:  

  • Exact size specs 
  • Inside lining material 
  • Sewing thread 
  • Visible label tag 
  • Size/Care label design 
  • Biodegradable plastic packaging 

Putting the ‘custom’ in custom apparel 

Often promotional clothing is dominated by a loud logo front and center on standard apparel selected from a catalog. Custom apparel does not have these limitations. It was important that we send a hat with a tie back to who we are and what we do, but we didn’t want our logo to be the focus.  

Instead, we went with a subtle tag. Visible on the outside are CMYK lines, the traditional color spectrum used in printing. The Premier logo is visible on both the branded tag and the size/care label.

Quality always comes first 

With a label tag designed, we created the detailed tech pack for the hat. The tech pack provided the details our supplier partner needed for production.

When it comes to custom apparel samples, we pay close attention to tag placement, product color, stitching, and logo area to ensure they are consistent across sizes and color options. Adjustments for any irregularities in the initial prototypes and pre-production samples are defined in the tech pack before the final run.  

Once approved, we were ready to produce and distribute!

Looking to create custom apparel for your brand? Is your business garb in need of a refresh? Let’s talk! 

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