Marketing a Message? How to Get Heard!

Content management is a capacious buzzword. It is somewhat ironic, considering ours is an age of “bumper sticker” communication. Quick one-liners sound good but are not exactly content heavy. We love sound bites. It’s easy, it’s fast and we don’t have to give it our full attention. Our slogan, for example, Think Green, is obviously not asking you to visualize in shades of green. Yet, it does not begin to explain to you how we are more sustainable. Nevertheless, our hope is that it reminds you that sustainability is an important issue and that we have gone to great lengths to operate as an environmentally sound business.

The point is that, in order to sell your product, or service, you must first get attention. Busy lives and over stimulation from various media translates into short attention spans. Your marketing message can easily get lost. Attract attention to your story by telling it with interesting images, striking colors, great photography and good design. Don’t undermine a good message by not understanding that great pictures, great color, and tactile effects make an impression and will draw people to your message.

Statistics show print to be a powerful marketing tool and leader in generating customer response—getting people’s attention. Quality print sends the message of a quality product or service. According to 79% of households read or at least scan direct mail, 39% try a new business, and 70% renew a relationship through direct mail. An email blast may be inexpensive, but the ROI of dollars spent on print is money well spent. It isn’t just about getting your message out, but getting it read. Email results multiply if coupled with direct mail. Studies show social media marketing influence has less than 1% correlation to an actual sale. The study based on 77,000 online sales transactions conducted by Forrester Research on GSI Commerce, eBay’s e-commerce services unit.

Print for success. Make it pretty. Make it fun. Personalize it. Build your brand and your client base.

PS. Need a bumper sticker? Ask us! Indoor, outdoor, magnetized, removable!

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