National Print Day

The Real World film crew shooting a sequence in front of our buildingThe Real World starts here.

On the edge of the Pearl district a group of cinematographers filmed the intro of MTV’s Real World. The print world had a REAL interesting year. What was real about it?

A year companies used green washing methods, such as save paper, don’t print, suggesting computers were more environmentally friendly than paper. Not true!

  • 20% less CO2 is used per year by a person reading a daily printed newspaper vs digital (study Print vs. Digital Media).
  •  Of all the wood extracted from the world’s forests, only 11 percent is used directly by the paper industry…. Down to Earth.
  • In the United States, which contains 8 % of the world’s forests, there are more trees than there were 100 years ago….Food and Agriculture Organization.
  • The industry had to rally against Toshiba’s failed “No-Print” Day National campaign.
  • Newsweek announced elimination of their print edition to go digital only. A case for print being outdated? Newsweek’s print subscriptions has dropped 51% since 2007, but the other truth is that only 1.8 percent of Newsweek readers read the digital version.

Last November GfK MRI (the number 1 ranked syndicated research provider) released these statistics:

Total Gross Magazine Audience Estimates (March-October 2011)

  • Total Gross Magazine Audience 1.580 Billion
  • Total Gross Print-Only Audience 1.278 Billion
  • Total Gross Both Digital & Print Audience 135 Million
  • Total Gross Digital-Only Audience 166 Million or, 11% of Total

Taking a magazine out of print, is virtually taking it out of circulation. Only 11% readers are a digital-only audience. Not a lot of advertisers are looking for a publication (print or digital) that is absent readers.

The printing industry has a history of continuously working on ways to improve its product and reduce its environmental impact. People of all ages enjoy reading the printed version. Print is art. Cutting the print industry out of your magazines is cutting jobs out of the Real World. It’s okay to unplug and relax.

We are closed today due to unsafe road conditions.