New Fujifilm Platesetter Improve Print Quality

We’re always looking for better, faster, greener ways to grow. We’re excited to say that our new Fujifilm Platesetter fulfills all of these criteria.

Since we bought our last state-of-the-art platesetter, we have replaced presses, computers, inks, rips, proofers, and even a handful of our personnel (what can I say – we like it here!).

Our new platesetter brings you

  • Better ink hold on small dots for excellent tone reproduction
  • Improved grain structure for sharper, cleaner, drier sheets
  • Perfect registration for faster make-readies
  • Higher quality on press

In that rare case a new plate is needed, the Fuji can make one in as little as 2 minutes.

We’re even more efficient and sustainable:

  • An intelligent processor that replenishes only as needed and uses one eighth the chemicals
  • Half the water use
  • About 70% the electricity
  • An autoloader that holds 90 plates
  • An in-line plate punch dialed in for our presses
  • No silver recovery or in-house treatment needed for the effluent
  • A reduction in maintenance time from 10 hours per week to 1 hour per month!

Now that the new platesetter is up and running we’ll be tearing down a wall to remove the old one. We’ve decided to make this an opportunity to redesign our workspace, allowing us to collaborate more effectively and provide much needed room for growth.

We are closed today due to unsafe road conditions.