New! Raised Ink

Stunning Tactile Print Effect on our 7500S Indigo Digital Press

Raised Ink makes a tactile impression that stands out on marketing collateral, graphic design and any custom printed piece. Our new Raised Ink is a digital print technology that creates an effect similar to thermography with some very positive differences. The print quality is clear and clean without the powder residue of thermographic printing. Screen builds of any pms color can be printed. Color is not limited to a small pallet of standard ink colors commonly used in thermography. Moreover, the production process allows finer detail and specific placement of the raised areas, we can raise unique designated details within the printing and leave other areas flat creating an embossed look and feel. Create engaging contrast between flat and raised surface areas. Raised Ink is a cost-effective digital print solution giving both designers and marketers another tool to craft interesting collateral that achieves maximum response from a target audience.

Create a design file and we can talk about how to best use this tool on your design. If you would like assistance, our graphics department can help create artwork to your specifications. G7 master printer certification and color quality control standards on all of our equipment ensures accurate corporate logo colors and produces color-accurate product shots. Create effective sales tools, eye-raising direct mail, posters and beautiful special event announcements. Engraving is expensive and is an environmentally toxic process; Raised Ink is cost effective and green—the environmentally friendly option and a low cost alternative to embossing. Get a little bump for your marketing dollar.

We will show you a proof including the Raised Ink. You can check it out and see exactly how it looks before printing, no surprises!

How High Can You Go?

We are offering Raised Ink at four different tactile levels.

WATERMARK 1x is a light coating which gives a slight sheen or watermark look when used as a clear spot hit or it will add a slight sheen on an ink color. On uncoated white paper, it has a very light watermark effect. On coated white paper, it adds a little additional sheen. On colored papers, it darkens the color, adds a little sheen creating a gloss varnish effect—great for highlighting important points, photos or creating a background pattern.

ETCH 15x offers a significant amount of texture and additional sheen on both coated and uncoated papers.

ENGRAVE 30x doubles the depth of the Etch bump and gives a very defined and raised textural effect.

EMBOSS 50x is the highest level of Raised Ink texture. It is the most defined, most “embossed” looking level of Raised Ink.

What Level to Choose?

If you want a subtle watermark look, then choosing the Watermark level may seem like an easy decision. However, the color and finish of the substrate will affect the appearance of the Raised Ink. The visual appearance of the Raised Ink will be affected by the line weight of type and graphics and by the overall area printed. Ask to see a proof in both Watermark and Etch levels before making a final decision to assure the effect is exactly what you are looking to achieve.

Please ask your rep for samples of the different levels of Raised Ink. Review of samples will help determine which level best fits your design goals.

Raised Ink is best used to highlight small image areas. Especially at the Engrave and Emboss levels, the thickness of the Raised Ink can have scratching or cracking issues when used for large solid areas.

Use one level option of Raised Ink only. One level only per press sheet and Raised Ink can only print on one side of the sheet. If heavy card stock is used, we can print two single sheets and duplex the sheet to produce two sides if necessary.

Approximate depth of the Raised Ink levels are as follows: Watermark 1x is one micron high. Etch is fifteen micron. Engrave is 30 micron. Emboss is 50 micron.

The maximum image area of Raised Ink is 11″x15.5″.

Print is Compelling—Raised Ink is Eye-Catching, Tactile and Attention-Getting

It is an affordable and creative process with a quick production time-frame that adds a high level of professional and innovative flair to any printed material.

Give us a call for more information, samples and collaboration on which of these Raised Ink applications would best enhance your next project. We look forward to working with you!

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