Premier Wins! Benny Award for Best Catalog!

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Premier Press Receives International Recognition!

MasterCraft Boat Catalog produced by Premier Press and designed by Nemo takes home the print industry’s coveted Benny Award (the grammy of print) in the Best Catalogs division. Presented by Printing Industries of America, the best of the best of the industry worldwide are represented. Held in conjunction with PRINT 13 in Chicago, Illinois, this gala showcases award winning print in every category,  book to box.

The award-winning MasterCraft Catalog is more than a catalog, it is a keepsake for any boat owner or wanna-be captain. Premier Press floods the cover with a proprietary formulation of soft touch coating. The result is a photo that draws you into the experience of skimming the water in an amazing boat. The scene glows with enhanced color depth and fine product detail. Inside the catalog, beautiful boats float in spot high gloss uv coating giving striking luster to the product. Interlaced within the catalog are captivating scenic shots printed in 340 line UV ink on uncoated paper creating intriguing gloss and dull contrast imagery pulling the reader into a user experience.

This is an engaging printed piece that will stay in circulation, and get passed around, reminding us of the strength and persistent message that can be sent through print.

Think Green Is part of the story. Utilization of paper with post consumer recycled content, and more importantly, paper that is sourced from responsibly farmed trees. Pulp that is produced in an environmentally sustainable method. SGP Sustainable Green Printing Partnership certified printing ensures all aspects of production are accomplished with sustainable processes. UV ink technology is VOC-free to protect our air. And  like everything we do, produced with 100% Wind Power.

This catalog sends a lasting and effective message enhancing the customer’s tie to the brand, supports an environmentally conscientious business stream and supports the US economy. Win-Win-Win!

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