Selecting Window Display Materials

What goes in to the creation of a functional and aesthetic window display?

Many people assume that it’s a simple as sticking a poster on to a window, however there are several important factors beyond simply knowing the dimensions of the space and performing site surveys.

Geographical parameters determine outside and inside application, installation in particularly hot or cool climates, and life span of the material.

Premier Press installs and creates nearly 20 different types of window displays.

View Through

Some of our films and vinyls are available in different ratios of perforation and/or inside visibility. For example, our “View Through Perforated Adhesive Vinyl”. The 50/50 perf (50% image and 50% perforation) is most common for vehicle windows as it has the greatest amount of material removed, so it has the clearest view out from the inside. However, this also means the graphic on the outside is the least visible. The 70/30 perf pattern (70% image and 30% perforation) is a nice balance between image quality and visibility. The 80/20 perf has the very best image quality and blocks the most heat, so it’s great for business windows and situations where the greatest privacy is desired. 50/50, 70/30 and 80/20 products can be mounted from either the inside and outside surface.


Furthermore we have products such as our repositionable backlit film, which creates vibrant matte graphics, perfect for indoor or outdoor menu boards, deli counters, or in backlit boxes. This material is suitable for areas with high humidity and condensation.

We have solutions for issues of privacy, light, humidity, and visibility. With nearly 20 different window display options, you are bound to find one that fits your needs. As always, Premier provides the ink and material, but also delivers expert installation.

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