The Big Float – don’t miss it

Check it out – truly PDX – The Big float is an event that celebrates the improved water quality of the Willamette River. It is one more great summer event on the Portland waterfront. You can drift to bands playing from a floating barge with handcrafted beers pouring. What could be more magical? While at it, check out our 40-foot Banner of a high res image shot by GigaPan of PDX winning world float record. Yes, Portland floats.

This event will be a blast whether listening to music while river floating in the Willamette next to Waterfront Park, or if you prefer to keep dry, watching and partaking in a beer or two from the shore. The float starts at noon, the bands at 12:15. Registration starts at 9AM or register online.

Keep it Green! – or blue in this case – Premier is excited to take the opportunity to applaud the efforts of the Human Access Project. It is an organization dedicated to evangelizing the Willamette River’s improved water quality, advocating for providing better access to the water and facilitating river stewardship. It all sounds great to us! Sustainable green printing is our message. We operate with 100% wind power, carbon neutral and certified SGP Sustainable Green Printing Partnership, SFI, FSC, PEFC and others certify Premier Press. Industry must take a stand together to make events like The Big Float possible. And to ensure our childrens’ children will be able to participate in a Big Float – no green washing.

Portland wins World Record for Most People in a Floating Line, thanks to the organization by Human Access Project. 620 people on inner tubes floated down the Willamette, hands joined, to break the record. Local company, GigaPan, documented the event with an extreme high-resolution photograph. We’ve printed that photo on a 40-foot long banner that will be posted at the Big Float. See if you can find yourself! GigaPan’s technology printed ecologically by Premier Press Large Format Technology allows you to see a single photograph 40 foot long with enough clarity that you can pick yourself out in the image.

Check out our large format page to learn more about our capabilities.

We are closed today due to unsafe road conditions.