adidas/Dick’s Sporting Goods “Earn Your Spotlight” Seeding Kit 

“Earn Your Spotlight” is an ongoing and overarching adidas campaign highlighting their line of training apparel exclusively offered at Dick’s Sporting Goods (DSG). It’s an agile and versatile campaign, with ever-changing content, specific to featured athletes and apparel items. The key  was to create an “evergreen”  influencer kit that could accommodate a high level of customization.

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Our game plan was this: to create a form factor that was adaptable for various products, allowed for custom video content for different recipients, and would deliver long-lasting value for our clients.

We achieved it by creating a locker-room experience in a box.

It’s a tapered carrying case with yellow tape graphics around the perimeter, and a black matte surface designed to look like a chalkboard.

Open the hinged door and a dynamic video featuring pro athletes in high-performance training mode begins to play, getting you amped and ready to work. Recipient-specific base layer apparel and footwear are housed behind hinged compartment doors.

Thanks to adidas and DSG for the partnership and inspiring athletes everywhere.

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