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adidas’ core line of women’s shoes and clothing was designed to be mixed and matched, to evolve with their customers’ busy and varied days. Premier helped translate the initiative’s social media narrative approach into a physical expression at retail.

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The Women’s initiative positions the new adidas product line as an expression of the attitudes and activities of select key female influencers. The visual elements of the campaign include quotes from the influencers, lifestyle photos, and presentations of the shoes and outfits in combinations that fit their various activities throughout the day.

Premier’s challenge was to design and install fixtures and graphics that would work well for different store sizes, and that would be easy for store employees to refresh. For the feature window bays, we created a variety of modular elements using the most advanced materials: hanging banners, light boxes, staggered-height silicone-edge graphics, and magnetic receptive graphics applied directly to a magnetic back wall. The back wall also featured the adidas logo in a dimensional vinyl window cling. And we chose LED-lit acrylic frames to display the footwear itself.

We also designed and produced a complete suite of interior graphics for gondolas, footwear towers and end caps, launch zones, and employee tech cards.

For all of us at Premier, it’s always inspiring to partner with adidas. As a woman-owned company, we’re especially proud to have been a part of this women-centric initiative.

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