Ann Sacks Tile Box

Ann Sacks brings character, style, and innovation to homes everywhere. From ceramic to terra cotta, only the most superior of materials grace Ann Sacks’ showrooms around the world. To showcase the beautiful tiles they offer, Premier Press helped create the Ann Sacks Tile Box, complete with tile samples and other goodies inside. 

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The main challenge Premier Press faced with this project was how to make sure the box sustained the weight of 118 sample tiles. This was done by using sturdy carton stock and a protective coating for the tile holder drawers. A perfectly secure way of not only showing off the sample tiles flawlessly, but also making sure the box didn’t sag from the weight. The sample tiles vary between 2 x 2” and 3 x 3” ceramic squares, and the top tray comes off to reveal many more samples below.  

There’s also a bottom drawer that slides out to house the Ann Sacks quarterly brochure. The tile trays and interior of the drawer are printed with the tile specs for convenient reference. The box is wrapped with an Ann Sacks tile pattern, depicted in a clear gloss finish, and the lettering for MADE by Ann Sacks is created with foil embossing. 

There were 300 boxes made and sent out to Ann Sacks showrooms across the United States and Canada, helping to bring inspiration and generate bright new ideas for the designers to share with their clientele. Thanks to Ann Sacks for letting us be a part of this stunning box. Shoutout to Co-Projects for their amazing concept of the packaging, letting us bring to life a beautiful design.  

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