Magic: The Gathering New Product Kit

For decades, millions of dedicated fans have collected Magic: The Gathering cards in an effort to vanquish their opponent and claim victory in the fictional world dubbed The Metaverse.

Where other card games are sold as a single packaged product, Magic cards come in randomized packs, similar to collectible Baseball or Pokémon cards.

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But, let us back up. Magic: The Gathering is a strategy card game that allows its players to summon ferocious creatures, cast spells, and draw upon the powers of mystical artifacts in an effort to win against their opponents.

Having some MTG players in our midst, you can guess we were pretty excited to be tasked with creating both the hype and product kit for their newest card release.

Experience Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

Our friends at Tripleclix approached us sharing the concept for the new card set to be titled Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. We created the kit packaging and managed the fulfillment.

Armed with a design deck, our team set to work designing the artwork and packaging look shown below.

Both kits were created with corrugate materials and were 100% recyclable outside of the contents inside each box. 

The box was created to mirror the new kingdom, players, and artifacts set to enter the game. Printed with our wide-format printer using 4 color-process that allowed for vibrant colors that matched the Kamigawa branding.

Hype Kit

Upon opening, fans were greeted with an acrylic topper etched with the new Kamigawa graphics, and inside were:

  • Branded hoodie
  • Branded necklace
  • Infographic sharing details of what was to come

And that was just the hype kit!

Product Kit

An acrylic topper laser-etched with the Kamigawa graphic greeted excited fans. To add to the excitement, when the box was opened a motion-activated light strip shines up illuminating the acrylic graphics. 

Inside, there was a playing card encased in acrylic to give fans a taste of what they could expect in their very own deck of cards.

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