Nike Vapor Untouchable 3 Influencer Kits

Nike thrives on innovation and the new Vapor cleat is no exception.

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Offering the best in speed and agility, Nike wanted to celebrate the shoe’s launch with an eye-catching, stand-out seeding package that influencers around the world would want to talk about.

The challenge lay in finding a way to engineer a box that all held three styles of the Vapor while still maintaining a compact shape. The Vapor Untouchable posed a particular quandary due to its high-top profile.

Premier’s creative production team handled full design and concepting for the project, presenting Nike with a creative deck that offered top level design options. We used a variety of processes including offset printing, laminating, duplexing, and fabrication to create a premium package that fulfilled Nike’s vision and stayed within their budget.

The final kit was sent out to NFL and Collegiate Football Athletes across the U.S. to generate excitement about the new Vapor designs.

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