Powell’s Fragrance Box

Powell’s Books is an internationally known independent bookstore that brings in thousands of locals and tourists to its stores. Due to COVID-19 forcing the closure of not just Powell’s, but bookstores all over the country, there was no doubt people were missing the allure of wandering into a 68,000 square foot bookstore and meandering through the tall stacks, thumbing through the contents, and smelling the familiar smell of books. That’s why Powell’s Books wanted to bring at least some of that joy to their customers by creating Powell’s by Powell’s – a limited edition unisex fragrance that captures that scent perfectly along with subtle hints of wood and violet.  

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This project is one that’s near and dear to Premier’s heart. We know how important local, family-owned businesses are to the community they are a part of. Powell’s is no exception.  

The box fits the theme of the product inside perfectly. What better way to showcase a fragrance that smells like a bookstore than to make the packaging a book too! The packaging color matches the red and white of Powell’s logo, and a white insert tray neatly slides out to reveal the one-ounce fragrance bottle nestled in the cutouts that are custom-made for the glass bottle. When you’ve finished spritzing, smoothly slide it back into the bright red packaging and put it on your shelf along with your giant collection of new and used books – the box will blend right in! 

This is a treat for Powell’s fans; the fragrance was originally going to be a free gift with purchase during the holidays with a small amount to be sold separately, but due to the positive reception by the public, they’ve decided to carry Powell’s by Powell’s through the holidays and potentially into 2021. Other collaborators on the project were Opinionated and Kannaviz Consulting, who dedicated time and resources to bring this passion project to life for Powell’s and their loyal customers, bringing a small slice of their favorite bookstore home.  

Thanks to Powell’s for letting us be a partner on this project. Also, a huge shoutout to Opinionated and Kannaviz Consulting for their work on concept and design.  

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