Redbull Pride Kit

Maybe it’s what we should expect from the company that brought Flugtag, an event where a team of people build a go cart and ride it off a ramp into a body of water, into the public’s attention while becoming synonymous with extreme sports.

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Red Bull is now using its promotional muscle to help bring awareness to the LGBTQ Community.

For Pride month of 2018, Red Bull created the Pride Week Queen Influencer Kit. The boxes will be sent out to 50 LBGT influencers.

Red Bull created new flavors for this project with striking colors of eyeshadow from Urban Decay. The box was created with custom lined foam as well as a metallic silver film that ensured the drink stayed in place while bringing the colorful culture of the community to each box. The box was included in a photoshoot with POPSUGAR’s website Stay tuned for the unveiling!

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