Smashbox + Vlada Petal Metal Launch Kit

For the launch of its Petal Metal Collection with renowned makeup artist Vlada, Smashbox Cosmetics wanted to dazzle social media influencers with a package that shone with the same glossy, glamorous impact as the makeup inside.

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Smashbox launched the Petal Metal collection with a visually stunning YouTube video, featuring Vlada transforming everything she touches into shimmery rose gold. To showcase the video, we embedded an LCD video player into the lid of the package sent to top-tier influencers. When they open the box, the video plays automatically.

For other influencers, we replaced the video player with a lenticular graphic, using holographic film to animate the metallic gold dripping from Vlada’s lip. All the kits were wrapped in rose gold , packed with glossy products from the Petal Metal Collection, and topped with silky roses.

Smashbox caters to young women in their ‘20s, so we were striving for a very youthful, fun vibe. The influencers we’re targeting tend to be YouTube vloggers with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of followers. So the packages they receive need to not only look and feel premium in person, but also on camera.

“They get stacks and stacks of boxes every day,” says Premier Press Creative Director Matthew Castor. “We have to ask, ‘How can we stand out from the other 20 boxes they got that day?’ So we’re always innovating with different form factors, colors and materials, while channeling the authentic voice of the brand and their market.”

Unlike many print shops, Premier brings creative concepting, design, and production together under one roof. This unique approach enables high-end clients like Smashbox to stand out in the hyper-competitive world of social media influence. With our creative and production teams working side by side, we can help you develop your ideas as well as make them into a reality—all with shorter timelines and less overhead than traditional agencies can deliver.

For influencer marketing programs like this, it’s not always easy to quantify success. But when measured in smiles and social shares, the Petal Metal package delivered rose gold results.

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