Unico Properties Commercial Building Renovation

Unico renovations are known for their architectural and interior design aesthetics, so when they created new spaces for the Sixth+ Main building in downtown Portland, the branded visuals had to work in perfect harmony. They wanted a partner who could help design, execute, and install their vision. Enter Premier.

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The renovation included an amenities area, bike parking (a must in Portland), and a fitness center. Unico shopped around for companies who had high-level creative ideas, and ones who could deliver premium build solutions. Only one could provide both.

We came up with a bold, kinetic geometric design that pays homage to the CMYK building blocks of color printing, dynamically paired with black and white photography. Next came production design and a site survey to ensure that the execution would be flawless. Then we went to work doing what we’ve excelled in since the beginning – large format printing and custom sign building. Finally, we delivered the materials and installed them expertly into the designated spaces. The result is a branded, integrated experience for tenants who enjoy the amenities of this newly modernized building. Unico even asked us to help name the new fitness center. It’s now known as 6th + Fit.

Premier would like to thank Unico for the opportunity to be a part of this turnkey project. It was a match made in Portland.

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