Vestas Training Center Environmental Graphics

Vestas, a global leader in wind turbine production, chose to remain in Portland Oregon when looking to build its new training facility.  

With a desire to bring the look and feel of the hills on which their 853’ turbines are sited, Vestas engaged Ankrom Mosian Architecture to help shape that vision.

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The graphic installation included: lobby window, privacy rooms wall, front office north and classroom photos and more. Safety is the main concern; as a part of the installations, Premier included a 84” x 132” banner with AnoMate hanging hardware displaying their safety rules. The location of the banner will be above the hard hats that are worn daily.

Vestas and Ankrom Mosian partnered with Premier Press to bring that vision to life throughout the new facility.  Premier Press extends our sincere thanks to both Vestas and Ankrom Moisan for including us in this space transformation.

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