A Prime Video Countdown

When Prime Video decided to celebrate its upcoming season with a knockout December promotion, no sooner did the concept of an advent calendar emerge than plans for its design and execution were put into play. Premier Press loved the concept. What could be more appropriate? For every day of December, a small tribute to a Prime Video show.

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Amazon Prime Advent Calendar Package
Amazon Prime Advent Calendar Box closed
Amazon Prime Advent Calendar Box opened
Amazon Prime Advent Calendar Box closed
Amazon Prime Advent Calendar Box opened
Amazon Prime Advent Calendar contents
Amazon Prime Advent Calendar contents
Amazon Prime Advent Calendar contents
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The brainchild of Portland’s makelike design, this witty, colorful, fully engaging influencer promotion is just the kind of work the firm is known for. Premier, always game for an ambitious project, knew the level of detail would be a serious challenge. After all, what’s inside the box is something akin to a jigsaw puzzle. And like a puzzle, precision would matter, and assembly would have to be done by hand.

Open the hinged top of the large box, and 31 small boxes of varying sizes are revealed. It’s a deceptively random look that requires nothing less than absolute precision to execute. Each box contains a small treat or token representing a favorite show in Prime Video’s coming season. For example, a box of Crackerjacks for A League of Their Own; a tin of tea bags for A Very British Scandal; makings for a Manhattan cocktail as a toast to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel; a ‘lab sample’ of gritty-grainy-red Mars Dirt for Good Night Oppy; a bloody bit of Ketchup Candy for Boys Diabolical and so many more.

Imagine, if you will, 700 boxes each containing 31 boxes. This required a team willing and able to fold, fill and place in position. All of these moving parts needed to be snugly fitted into place to be nice and secure when shipped. And that pretty blue satin ribbon that ties the whole thing together? Hand dyed. How else would we get an exact match to the PMS blue of the box?

Exterior Box

  • Dimensions: 25-x19-inches with a 3.5-inch height
  • Rigid chipboard, hand-turned, so all edges are finished.
  • Offset printing in six, rich PMS colors plus gold
  • Blue satin ribbon, hand dyed
  • Quantity: 700

Interior Boxes

  • Custom die-cut
  • Foiling on two sides
  • Hand-folded and positioned
  • Quantity 31 for each of 700

The Prime Video advent calendar proved to be both a labor of love and a serious team effort. Social influencers and media types on the receiving end of this Prime Video treasure trove of gifts responded just as we had hoped. We were going for the WOW factor, and that’s exactly what came through.

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