adidas x Diplo seeding kit

“Didn’t think I was gonna post this. I’m not an influenc— and then I opened it up, and I see that there is a record and a record player! But what does adidas have to do with it? If this thing’s got shoes in it, I’m going to post.”

So said John Mayer in a video he did, indeed, post. We blew him away.

To introduce their adidas Originals Osweego shoes, adidas partnered with DJ/songwriter/musician/record producer Diplo. Diplo created the record, adidas created the shoes, and Premier created the seeding kit, which included a working record player.  

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The popularity of adidas extends beyond athletes to include trendsetters in other fields, especially the urban music scene. Diplo, the prolific collaborator who has worked with the likes of Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, Madonna, and Justin Bieber.

When adidas asked us to come up with an idea for an influencer kit to celebrate the release, we asked ourselves, “How does a musician communicate to his audience?” The answer was simple.

The execution, not so simple. To incorporate a working turntable into a package that would be shipped, we had to make sure the structure was sound. We sourced a record player with a spring-mounted platter mechanism, and welded it into the case.

The box itself is covered in black faux suede printed with gold foil. Inside the lid is a sleeve that holds the LP “Higher Ground, feat. Diplo and the World,” and underneath the record player is a drawer containing a custom bandana, an adidas shirt screen-printed with glow-in-the-dark puffy paint, and, of course, shoes, sized to fit the recipient.

Finally, the back of the box has a USB port.  John Mayer, again, summing it up: “Does your swag box have an aux out? I don’t think it does.”

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