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Apeel Sciences wants to keep your fruits and vegetables fresher longer, so there’s less waste and more time to enjoy. How is this possible? By using technology that nature itself provides: the peels of the produce itself. Apeel is a plant-derived coating that is utilized by food growers, suppliers, and retailers that keeps the produce fresh. It is protection on the surface of the produce that helps it retain moisture and reduce oxygen. In other words, produce stays “apeeling” for the consumer longer. 

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At Premier Press, we not only understand the vision and need for sustainability, we live it too. That’s why this project was a perfect fit, and a fun one to be a part of. We made sure that all materials used were 100% recyclable and sustainable; from the packaging and the tote bag inside, all the way to the delicious apples that were sent along as samples to show off the science of Apeel.  

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