Bliss Straight-From-The-Sea Influencer Kit

For over a decade, Bliss has been providing their consumers with the tools to have healthier skin.

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When the company started in 1996, the marketing world relied heavily on the endorsements of celebrities to promote their products.  Today, A-list celebrities are being replaced by more relatable “social media influencers”, typically men and women between the ages of 18-34 who have a high number of followers across different social media platforms.

As people connect more and more through those different digital platforms, businesses like Bliss are taking notice. With the release of Bliss’ Poetic Waxing: Straight-from-the-Sea Hair Removal Kit, they wanted something that brought a fun playful approach to the idea of cleaning up for summer. Premier Press delivered packaging whose contrasting textures of pink faux fur and soft touch laminate truly communicated the desired effect of the product.

In the increasingly saturated world of influencer marketing, popular influencers can receive hundreds of products to review each week.  Our in-house creative team prides ourselves by helping retail clients like Bliss cut through the visual clutter and deliver influencer marketing kits that truly stand out.

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