DJO Surgical Packaging

DJO Surgical is already a leading supplier of high-quality medical devices, like hip and knee replacements. But the way their product displays were presented to doctors and patients needed an upgrade. Premier helped them elevate both the aesthetics and the practicality of their packaging, solving several problems with one flexible solution, and giving DJO’s reps a valuable sales tool.

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Before we partnered with DJO, they had been sending their surgical parts displays in unimpressive popcorn-filled brown boxes that didn’t reflect the quality of their products. The tall fixed metal display stand required large and bulky packaging. And the packaging was not re-usable, so doctors had no way to store the displays when not in use.

We approached the project as both a design and engineering challenge.

The challenge was in dealing with the tricky, many-angled shapes of the products. We created several layers of foam to conform to the individual parts, cushioning them yet showing them off – one configuration for knee replacements, another for hip and shoulder replacements.

As an added bonus, we made the packaging reusable, so that the display could be easily disassembled and stored. 

And the box makes a beautiful first impression – the outside is wrapped with a soft-touch laminate printed with DJO’s brand graphics.

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