George Fox University Direct Mail Postcard

For many high school seniors, college is the next big step in their lives. After four years of high school education, they’re setting sail for a life of independence and it all starts with college acceptance letters.

The hefty envelopes come in the mail bearing good news of college acceptances but then the real struggle begins – choosing which college they’ll dedicate the next two to four years of their lives to.

George Fox University had a unique way of getting in front of their accepted students again to help them make the decision to become a Bruin an easier choice and our team at Premier was more than happy to help.

university admission personalized direct mail postcards

The Art Behind Getting In

In an effort to get in front of potential Bruin’s freshmen once more before they made their final college decision, George Fox University worked alongside Premier Press to send out a direct mail piece customized to each individual candidate.

Each postcard designed was personalized with these variable data fields:

  • Unique letters for each student’s name
  • Address fields
  • Individual codes to respond to
  • The incentive to increase the academic scholarship
  • An individualized letter containing the student’s scholarship

These postcards not only congratulated the new students on being accepted but also provided them with their specific academic scholarship amounts.

Each direct mail piece received by the student had the student’s name printed artistically on the front letting them know that their smaller acceptance rate would mean they would always be known by their name on campus.

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college admission personalized direct mail postcard
college admission personalized postcard
college admission personalized direct mail postcard
college admission personalized postcard
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In addition to being a nice personalized feature, this was also intended to be a nice keepsake for each potential student to commemorate their acceptance.

On the back was a personalized letter to each student with acceptance details and their specific scholarship amount explained over their next four years.

How We Did It

The postcards were printed on our four-color T250 Ink Jet Press. This afforded us the ability to use variable data specific to each candidate and has proven to be our most cost-effective and high-quality print option for projects of this specific nature.

With sensitive scholarship information being included, it’s important to note that our Soc 2 processes secured our client’s data and ensured privacy for students receiving their scholarship offerings.

Once printed, our in-house mailing department took care of batching and sorting before sending them out the door.  

Looking to send a direct mail piece featuring variable data? Let’s talk!

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