Apeel Sciences Apple Box 

Apeel Sciences is continuing its fight for more sustainable produce. Their technology helps reduce waste and provides longer-lasting produce. A big reason for non-treated produce going bad so quickly is due to the transportation time from harvest to grocery stores. By the time produce gets on the shelves, most of it has passed its prime. Apeel Sciences fights this by using the technology from produce’s peels; making sure moisture stays in and oxygen stays out. But don’t just take their word for it – they want consumers to see it for themselves. Boxes filled with this fun experiment went out to different vloggers and school personnel to see it first-hand.

Premier Press is an advocate for sustainability, so creative packaging like this is always an exciting thing for us to be a part of. We made sure that the packaging fit the theme – sustainable products that benefit the environment for the long term.

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To create a sustainable package we  printed directly on the corrugate box, avoiding labels and also giving the box a sleek, clean look that shows off the vibrant colors Apeel Sciences is known for. When closed, two boxes come together snugly to create a look of one bigger box. While two white cotton rope handles make it an easy to carry package. Opening the box reveals two smaller, yet equally sized boxes hinged together.

These two boxes contain the produce for the recipients to observe over the course of several days.  Box 1 has produce that has been treated with Apeel’s natural protective technology, and Box 2 has untreated produce.

The box tops open to display the fruits and veggies so the experimenters can watch the decay process over the course of time.The package also includes a 32-page booklet full of fun goodies:

A description of how Apeel works

Instructions on how to successfully complete their demonstration A journal to log and observe the decay process

Fun recipes to try with the Apeel-treated fruit

Thanks again to Apeel Sciences for letting us be a part of a fun science experiment. Interactive, and an activity that is good for the planet. With Apeel, this is “food gone good.”

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