Eerily Beautiful Diablo IV Influencer Kit

Gaming studio Blizzard Entertainment catapulted itself into mainstream success with Diablo, an action role-playing video game released in 1997. 

The original sold 2 million copies, and the franchise has now sold more than 50 million copies across its entries—making it one of the most successful video game franchises of all time. 

To celebrate Diablo IV’s release nearly 12 years after Diablo III, Tripleclix partnered with Premier Press to create influencer marketing kits that offer a treasure trove of ghastly delights and nod to the game’s chilling lore.

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Diablo Influencer Box
Diablo IV Influencer kit design skech option one
Diablo Influencer Box Detail
Influencer Kit Diablo IV fully open box
Diablo IV Influencer kit contents
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Diablo IV Influencer Marketing Kits 

Premier had about two months from the briefing to the requested in-hand date, meaning our team had to move quickly to produce the 300 pieces needed for the kits and ensure the materials would stay safe during transport.

Our creative team began sketching ideas per Tripleclix’s initial directions and ideas, ensuring the design could stay flexible based on the final items that would go inside the influencer kit.

A stunning (and large!) altar cabinet stores several collectibles that are deep cuts for Diablo fans. Although a bit grisly in aesthetic, the project sent a buzz around our team as we prepared to send these Stashes to some of Diablo’s biggest fans. The influencer kits feature:

  • A “Wooden” Altar Cabinet: Given the weight and cost of shipping actual wood, our designers created a turned-edge construction with added Sintra pieces. The material looks like real wood thanks to our Vutek Printer, which applied 18 layers of ink to build a textured surface—in this case, emulating wood grain! The exterior features Lilith, one of the main characters, in a high-quality print that splits open with the box. Both the wood grain and Lilith line up when the box is closed, accomplishing a realistic design. 
  • Stained Glass Shadow Box: Lilith is also on full display inside the cabinet through a supplied backlit stained glass shadow box. The box includes LED lights that can be adjusted with an included controller, and the shadow box is a perfect addition to any gamer’s collection.
  • Chocolate Skull Piñata: Crack into the supplied replica Diablo skull made of chocolate and filled with cinnamon candies.  
  • Haunting Game Favorites: The influencer kits included several items that directly relate to the game, including silicone severed ears (an in-game collectible), a 3D-printed chalice, and vials filled with drink mixes (we also included recipe cards in the box). 

It’s an unboxing experience like no other, taking its lucky recipients on an eerily beautiful journey through the game’s history.

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