Prime Video “Open The Door To More” Advent Calendar

Following the success of Prime Video’s 2022 advent calendar promoting its original shows — which won two prestigious Clios awards — Premier Press partnered with makelike design again for another innovative FYC campaign.

We invite you to “open the door to more” and check out the stunning creation!

Prime Video For Your Consideration Influencer Kit

The makelike team designed an elegant advent calendar, featuring 31 distinct and beautiful doors that each contain a trinket spotlighting a Prime Video show.

Premier brought the vision to life using our advanced printing and finishing techniques. Recycled materials were used to construct a pristine package that would travel safely and protect everything inside.

The advent calendar features a striking gold and black design, exuding class and style. An accompanying card printed on recycled paper invites recipients to “open the door to more.”
The box interior showcases 31 unique doors, each hiding a treat or token that promotes a Prime Video show. Multiple foil dyes and ink on each door accomplish magnificent detail.
Offset printing and pearlescent foil create vibrant white doors that entice the recipient to look inside.
Even the shipping box matches the advent calendar’s aesthetic, achieving perfect branding and a consistent theme.

The advent calendar was made in part with recycled plastics, and the shipping box is 100% recyclable.

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