A Lenticular Display Showcasing the Nike Giannis Freak 5 ASW Shoes

Milwaukee Bucks player Giannis Antetokounmpo partnered with Nike to create the Giannis Freak 5 ASW basketball shoes, which pay a touching tribute to his brother and teammate, Thanasis.

Like many pro athletes, the brothers’ passion for sports started in childhood. The two grew up in Greece and were constantly found playing on the court and in the streets. But there was a catch: Only one could play at a time because they had to share a pair of shoes.

The Nike collection features the message “Thanasis Thanks for Sharing,” which Giannis once wrote on their shoes. The collection also shows their jersey numbers, 34 and 43, proving how far the brothers have come.

To coincide with the collection launch, Premier Press designed a visually striking display case for Nike to gift a pair of the shoes to Giannis and Thanasis. The creative display features a mind-bending lenticular display and mirrors the bold shoe design so they can proudly showcase the shoes wherever they choose.

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A One-of-its-Kind Display Case for Premium Merchandise

The Premier team designed the creative vision for this display case, reflecting the design of Nike’s Zoom Freak 5 ASW ‘Thanks for Sharing’ shoes. The display matches the bright crimson of the shoes with a striking and clean visual design. Whether combined or separate, each half of the display shows both jersey numbers through a clever lenticular effect.

custom packing nike giannis freak 5 shoes staggered 2

The box mirrors the shoe design with a vibrant crimson and white contrast, reversed on each half. Bringing both halves together reveals a fully visible cut acrylic design on the top. 

The brother’s jersey numbers, 34 and 43, are shown in a circle on the side of the box with a heartfelt message: Thanks for sharing.

custom packing nike giannis freak 5 shoes thanks for sharing
custom packing nike giannis freak 5 shoes lenticular

One-inch, direct-printed acrylic slats create an impressive lenticular effect. You can see either 34 or 43, depending on which way you look.

The box interior features a subtle floral display that is also used on a patch on the shoe tongue. 1963 and 1964 are shown on each side of the box—the birth years of Giannis and Thanasis’ parents.

custom packing nike giannis freak 5 shoes 1963 detail
custom packing nike giannis freak 5 shoes straight

The Nike logo and Giannis’ signature are visible when looking at the box straight on.

Each element of the case is carefully considered, from the heartfelt message to the subtle floral details, echoing the shoe’s design elements. Through collaboration with Nike, multiple design iterations were explored before finalizing the retro-inspired yet timeless display.

Creative Designs for Retail Merchandise and Apparel

This collaboration with Nike highlights Premier’s dedication to crafting bold and innovative displays that enhance retail merchandise and apparel. With our in-house creative capabilities, Premier continues to push boundaries, ensuring brands shine on the retail stage.

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